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General information
Gene symbol SERPING1
Gene name serpin family G member 1
Chromosome 11
Chromosomal band q12.1
Gene Alias
Imprinted Unknown
Genomic reference LRG_105
Transcript reference NM_000062.2
Study Type Expression
Expression Status[Source: Literature] Associated with Downregulation in Vitiligo Dey et al.(2016); Dey et al.(2017)
Expression Summary[Source: Literature] Sample : Blood and skin || Population : "Bangladesh, Caucasian, Hispanic, Filipino;67% African American, 17% Caucasian and 17% Asian and among VL patients 50% Caucasians, 25% Hispanics, 12.5% Asian and 12.5% African" || Gene name used in study : SERPING1
Total number of public variants reported 0
Unique public DNA variants reported 0
Individuals with public variants 0
Hidden variants 0
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Date created November 02, 2017
Date last updated November 02, 2017
Version SERPING1:171102

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Gene Expression Meta-Analysis
HGNC 1228
Entrez Gene 710
PubMed articles SERPING1
OMIM - Gene 606860

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NCBI Protein ID     

00510 11 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade G (C1 inhibitor), member 1, transcript variant 1 NM_000062.2 NP_000053.2 0