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Vitiligo is a complex skin depigmentation disorder characterized by the patchy loss of skin pigmentation. Because of its striking appearance it has a huge psycho-social impact on patient’s quality of life. With a prevalence rate of around 1% worldwide, several factors have been found to be implicated in the disease pathogenesis like autoimmunity, increased oxidative stress etc. Owing to its complexity with multiple genetic components found to be associated, Vitiligo is yet an underexplored disease compared to other multifactorial disease states like: type 2 diabetes and psoriasis. Towards this, we systematically catalogued genetic studies on vitiligo and created a disease centric web portal cataloguing the information from 202 genetic studies in the form of 322 genes and 254 variations (along with their associated details). To make it a comprehensive resource and to increase its utility for the users we integrated two datasets:

1. Vitiligo in-house expression data from lesional and non-lesional epidermal tissue

2. Cell type specific data from various skin cells (melanocytes, keratinocytes, fibroblasts and whole skin)

Users can make use of these datasets and information’s in making a new testable hypothesis or in prioritizing their candidate set of gene list.

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